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That time a client saved $80,000 on college

Victoria, our College Coach, shared a story with me the other day. One of our clients got into her first choice college and knew that was where she wanted to go. The parent received the financial aid award letter that offered about $12,000 in renewable scholarships. Pretty awesome, except that this university has an estimated cost […]


What they don’t say about test scores

Updated 21 June 2023 A big “thank you” to FairTest for using a screenshot of this blogpost in their recent research demonstrating that test scores can help students at 96% of institutions. I don’t think they intended to make the case that test scores can help, but they made an excellent argument that it is […]

How can parents help students with the SAT or ACT?

This week I was talking with a parent whose student has plateaued at a certain threshold on the SAT and ACT. It happens from time to time and can be frustrating for everyone – the student most of all. It can be for any number of reasons, many times unrelated to content knowledge. So much […]

The Most Important Conversation to Have about College

You can come up with a lot of reasons that the cost “makes sense” right now. However, those decisions are setting students and families up for huge burdens down the road. That’s why having the conversation early about what the college will cost and how to pay for that cost is so important.


What you need to know about National Merit awards

National Merit. School counselors talk about it. School districts publicize it. However, many parents and students aren’t really sure what it is beyond some sort of academic honor that smart kids pursue. Check out this post for ideas about what to do once you get your PSAT scores back. It all hinges on the Junior […]