About Shane Bybee

Teaching Experience & Accomplishments:

  • With 28 years of teaching experience, I’ve engaged with a diverse set of students, ranging from 7th grade English to AP Language and Composition.
  • Throughout my teaching journey, my students consistently outperformed campus averages on standardized tests.
  • My expertise extends to writing curriculums, presenting at state conventions, and developing professional training sessions for educators.

Personal Journey to Bybee College Prep:

  • After the birth of my first child, I faced the challenge of balancing my teaching career with being there for my family. The birth of my second child further emphasized this need for change.
  • I founded Bybee College Prep during my quest for a master’s degree in Educational Leadership.
  • My research, initially intended to aid schools in fostering National Merit achievements, evolved into a tutorial service. This initiative has since enabled dozens of students to attain National Merit Semifinalist recognition.

Certifications & Skills:

  • I hold certifications for Gifted and Talented programs and have pursued courses for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate.
  • My insights into standardized testing derive from my experience on test item review committees and creating content for major test preparation firms.

Beyond the Classroom:

  • I have an extensive 18-year history in coaching soccer, boasting achievements like state tournament participation and securing gold and bronze medals.
  • My leadership skills were further honed as the president of the Texas high school soccer coaches’ association (TASCO).
  • I served with distinction in the U.S. Army Reserve, concluding my service as a 1st Lieutenant.
  • Beyond education and coaching, I’ve penned articles for The Dallas Morning News, offering insights into our ever-evolving education system.