College Coaching

Bybee College Prep is proud to introduce our College Coaching program, offering comprehensive and personalized guidance for students on their journey to higher education.

Bybee College Prep offers a comprehensive approach to college preparation. Starting with list building, they utilize tools and personalized metrics to curate college lists tailored to student aspirations. Progress checks keep academic goals in sight, while strategic summer planning augments college applications. The program also offers college essay assistance, application review, guidance post-college acceptances, and FAFSA facilitation. As students near their college journey, practical aspects are addressed in a ‘Countdown to College’ meeting. Throughout this journey, students benefit from constant access to a dedicated College Coach for any queries. Bybee College Prep emphasizes individualized attention for every student, ensuring a seamless transition to their college of choice.

Join us at Bybee College Prep, where every student gets the personalized attention they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our College Coaching Services.

Invest in your future: $3995

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