College Coaching

Bybee College Prep is proud to introduce our College Coaching program, offering comprehensive and personalized guidance for students on their journey to higher education.

List Building

The journey starts with List Building. Our dedicated College Coaches use resources like YouScience and MaiaLearning, considering the student’s GPA, test scores, and career interests to help students create a college list that aligns with their aspirations.

Progress Checks

Our Progress Checks ensure the student’s academic journey is on track. Regular meetings allow us to monitor the student’s progress towards achieving their target test score.

Summer Planning

The Summer Planning phase involves strategic sessions in the spring of the student’s Junior year. Our College Coaches guide students in planning a summer that enhances their college application profile.

College Essay Assistance

College Essay Assistance begins with our College App Camp. Our experts provide help in crafting compelling college essays that truly stand out. Students continue to work with our expert Writing Coaches to complete their essays.

Application Review

The Application Review stage ensures no detail is overlooked. In the Senior year, our College Coaches meticulously review all aspects of the students’ college applications.

Destination Decisions

Once acceptances are in, we provide guidance with Destination Decisions. We help students make an informed decision on which school to attend, based on their academic and personal needs.

FAFSA Facilitation

For families needing assistance with financial aid paperwork, we offer FAFSA Facilitation. Our team provides support in filling out the FAFSA or CSS Profile, making the process easier and less stressful.

Countdown to College

The journey concludes with a Countdown to College. This final wrap-up meeting discusses practical aspects of college life, such as picking a dorm, meal plan, and scheduling orientation.

In addition to these stages, Bybee College Prep families have ongoing access to a dedicated College Coach who can be contacted via text or email with questions at any time.

Join us at Bybee College Prep, where every student gets the personalized attention they deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our College Coaching Services.