About Us

Building Better Futures One Student at a Time

The Origin of Bybee College Prep

Bybee College Prep started as a research project for my master’s degree in Educational Leadership.  Having worked with exceptional students for several years, I noticed that many of these very bright students weren’t doing as well on the PSAT as they could, so I set out to see what schools might be able to do differently.

A Journey of Record-Setting Achievements

That first Spring, 72 students participated in a one-session-a-week prep course for five weeks, and 55 took diagnostic tests to see the results.  From my years of coaching, I knew students would play as they practiced, so from the start, I focused on students working with SAT®-formatted questions.

The next Fall, that group of Juniors set a record for the largest number of National Merit Semifinalists in the district’s history and the group improved on comparable PSAT results by an average of 19 points.

The following year I expanded the course from 5 to 9 sessions, and that group of Juniors set another record for National Merit Semifinalists. I worked with 80 students the next year, and that group set another district record.

Our Philosophy at Bybee College Prep

In building Bybee College Prep, we insisted that the difference is fundamental. Everything we do is intentionally designed whether it is preparation for admission tests or helping students put together their college application portfolios. Each piece is built with authenticity and deep practice in mind.