Find Your Fit

Introducing Find Your Fit: Your Personalized College Planning Journey

Unlock the door to your future with “Find Your Fit,” a revolutionary program designed to guide students through the intricate process of selecting colleges that align perfectly with their individual aspirations, interests, and academic goals. “Find Your Fit” transforms the overwhelming task of college selection into a personalized, insightful, and manageable journey, ensuring every student can navigate the path to their ideal college experience with confidence and clarity.

College List Creation:

Meeting 1: Discover Your Potential
Start with a one-on-one session that delves into the heart of what makes you unique. Utilizing the innovative Maia Learning platform, we introduce tools that empower you to take the first steps in your college search. We also present the “Design a College” Survey, a strategic questionnaire that helps crystalize your vision of the perfect college fit for you.

Meeting 2: Aligning Dreams with Reality
After completing the “Design a College” Survey, your College Coach crafts a tailored list of institutions that match your specified criteria. Our next meeting is a deep dive into this curated selection, where we discuss each institution’s unique offerings and how they align with your aspirations. This collaborative session ensures a well-rounded understanding of each potential college.

Meeting 3: Sharpening Your Focus
The refinement stage is about fine-tuning your choices. Reflect on our discussions and your own research to evaluate your initial list with more intention. Together, we categorize your list into Safety, Target, and Reach schools, ensuring a balanced and realistic approach to your college application process. Finally, we help rank your top choices, solidifying your priorities and focus.

Meeting 4: Strategic Steps Forward
As your journey progresses, we revisit your top college selections, assess any changes in preferences, and finalize your list. We then transition to tactical planning, reviewing application requirements for each selected school. Our final discussions address any lingering questions or concerns, ensuring you are fully prepared and confident as you move forward.

“Find Your Fit” is more than a program; it’s a partnership. We are committed to exploring the path to your perfect college, providing personalized support, and empowering you to make informed decisions about your future. Begin your journey to finding the ideal college fit today and step confidently into your future.

Invest in your future: $795