What happened with the June 2018 SAT?

If you have a Junior or Senior in your house who took the June 2018 SAT, you might have had to deal with some tears on the morning of July 11th. If you've been investing time and money into test prep, you might have felt a little frustrated…

5 key questions to answer for your test prep plan

You know you're going to have to take an SAT or ACT at some point. Even with more schools deciding on test-optional admissions, you would still want a score to see if it gave you an advantage. Keep in mind the role of test scores for most…

4 things that make us different

Parents have plenty of options when it comes to college prep programs. Some are aimed specifically at the SAT or ACT while others build around an entire college prep package. When you're looking at spending a few hundred to a few thousand dollars…

4 soft skills for college prep

A great blog post by our own college freshman with hints about ways to prepare for college that you might not have thought of. Although many of our Bybee College Prep students are at the end of their high school careers, we thought that our…

How to maintain a positive relationship with your teachers, and why it’s important

Having good relationships with your teachers, even the ones of subjects you might not enjoy, is a critical part of your high school career. This will help you with getting the non-generic recommendation letters for both college and scholarships,…

SAT & ACT Prep can have a huge ROI

Most schools' scholarships are tied to a combination of test scores and class rank or GPA, and the relationship is inversely proportional. GPA continues to be the most important factor in your application, so the higher your GPA the more you can qualify for and the lower your test score has to be to qualify.

Are you making this simple mistake on percentage problems?

Students make 1 simple mistake on the harder percentage problems. It's easy to fix, and I'll show you 2 ways to work with these problems.

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Should you prepare for the PSAT?

After students get their PSAT scores back, they don't always get a lot of direction about what to do next. If you're lucky, your school might host a meeting to go over what the scores mean, but most schools are overburdened with other things.…